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Claire Wensveen

Claire Wensveen pottery - pink and green patterned bowls

Nelson, BC Claire Wensveen pottery is inspired from her childhood in Vancouver, where she was lucky enough to be immersed in many beautiful and diverse cultures.  Summers in England instilled an understanding and love of the idea of family heirlooms and objects being passed down through generations.  Claire makes objects[…]

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Mark Tigges

Maple Ridge, BC Mark Tigges pottery is a prime example of function meets beauty.  The bowls, mugs, tea pots, platters and traditional teabowls are all fired in a wood kiln and each piece is entirely unique in its look and feel.

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Fieldstone Pottery

Fieldstone Pottery - Brown mugs

108 Mile Ranch, BC Fieldstone Pottery comes in several different glazes, all of them natural and earthy in appeal.  Bowls, platters, mugs, vessels and even ornaments at Christmas time.  The neutral tones in this pottery make them great pieces as gifts for women and men and they are all perfectly[…]

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Bronwyn Arundel

Bronwyn Arundel Pottery - Octopus dishes

Nanaimo, BC Bronwyn Arundel makes pottery that makes you smile immediately!  Her adorable paintings of creatures great and small on her bowls, plates, mugs and tea dishes will ensure everyone has an item with their favourite animal.  Bear, moose, skunk, bunny, cat, octopus, narwahl, fox, porcupine – the list goes[…]

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Muckabout Pottery - Maple Ridge Mugs

Burnaby, BC Muckabout Studios is the creation of Ninna Snider, who has been “mucking about” with clay for some years now.  Ninna’s eclectic pottery pieces are whimsical in nature, and we especially love our own personalized Maple Ridge mugs that Ninna makes for us, as well as her “bling rocks”[…]

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Matthew Freed

Matthew Freed Pottery

Vancouver, BC Matthew Freed pottery is contemporary in style, but has this rustic quality as well, so it literally fits with any decor scheme or style.  Matthew’s variety of serving and entertainment dishes makes this a wonderful product to collet: bowls of every size, serving platters, appetizer dishes, tea pots[…]

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Sharon Bussard Grove

Sharon Bussard Grove Pottery - Large spotted blue bowl

Sooke, BC Sharon Bussard Grove creates pottery that is both sculptural and organic in feel.  Bowls, platters, lidded vessels and pitchers all have a lovely fluid feel to them with pretty nature-inspired motifs.

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Dave Dobie

Dave Dobie Pottery - bowls in green , blue and oatmeal

Abbotsford, BC Dave Dobie creates his beautiful pottery using earthy glazes and funky shapes.  We have bowls, mugs, vases and more from this talented potter.      

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Carolyn DiPasquale

Carolyn DiPasquale- Pottery blue carved bowl

North Vancouver, BC Carolyn DiPasquale pottery is whimsical, colourful and just plain fun!  Carolyn’s free form bowls, cherry dishes and delicate christmas ornaments are always popular.

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Jack Olive

Jack Olive Pottery - Pear pattern

Gibsons, BC Jack Olive pottery is decorated with pears, apples, berries, crows, salmon, koi, whales….the list goes on!  And each piece has been lovingly crafted by this veteran potter.  We have a large supply of bowls, mugs, utensil holders and casseroles for every taste!

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