Little Cricket Gift Gallery


Meet the Artist – Shannon Stewart

Shannon Stewart jewellery

    Don’t miss meeting Shannon at our Customer Appreciation Event on October 28th! Jewellery making is in my blood. First there was a young love affair with colourful seed beads and friendship bracelets. In my adolescence, I developed some bad ass calluses knotting chunky macrame hemp necklaces. I paid my[…]

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This is my life right now….

Storage Boxes w1

Boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes….All the new goodies for Christmas are rolling in and we are busily sorting, pricing and entering stock, getting ready for our big Customer Appreciation Event at the end of October.  We have quite a few new artists joining our Cricket family this year,[…]

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Rotary Club Fundraising Gala

Ladies Night w

I was proud to be one of the vendors represented at the Rotary Club’s Ladies Night Gala last night.  A beautiful evening out at Swan-e-set Golf and Country Club (even the drive out there is spectacular!), good company in my fellow vendors (Payton & Buckle Fine Footwear, Triple Tree Nursery,[…]

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Life imitates art…

April White card

….or is it art imitating life?  I spotted this card in my shop today as I was plumping and fluffing the merch…  It reminded me of a remarkable experience I had a couple weekends ago.  I was taking a water taxi across Howe Sound to Gambier Island with my family when[…]

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Canada Day Market coming up!

Deb Theilman original art - clothespin leaves

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!  We love Canada, and we hope that is apparent to EVERYONE when they walk into our shop and hear us proudly proclaim that everything they see was made in this beautiful country of ours.  Little Cricket will be celebrating our nation’s 150th birthday in Memorial Peace Park[…]

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Summer of Love

GS Heart painting w 2

With over 150 artists represented by Little Cricket, we thought it would be fitting to Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday this year by celebrating the many talented Canadian artists we LOVE and are proud to represent.  This summer, each day that our shop is open between July 4 and September 2, we[…]

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Diary of a Shopgirl #7

Diary of a Shopgirl

When you own a shop spring cleaning is not just something you do in your home.  The store demands your attention as well.  Sunnier days means suddenly the dust in the jewellery cabinet is very APPARENT (isn’t the whole purpose of a jewellery cabinet to keep the dust out?  How[…]

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Art Makes Me Happy!

Liz Boulton paintings - purple trees

Art makes me happy… I love my days in the shop, especially the sunny ones, as I look around at my four walls and enjoy all the wonderful paintings that surround me.  I have so much new art in right now for spring – you really should stop by.  Think you don’t[…]

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