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Claire Wensveen

Claire Wensveen pottery - pink and green patterned bowls

Nelson, BC

Claire Wensveen pottery is inspired from her childhood in Vancouver, where she was lucky enough to be immersed in many beautiful and diverse cultures.  Summers in England instilled an understanding and love of the idea of family heirlooms and objects being passed down through generations.  Claire makes objects that a family can create a story around.  Her one of a kind highly detailed pottery begins with a hand drawn pattern which she then turns into a screen print. She prints onto tissue paper with a ceramic medium that she has altered for maximum pigmentation.  She then uses the printed tissue paper as a stencil to mask the object she is printing on, and then adds many slip trailed dots. The final step is to finish the objects with a satin matt, glaze.  The results are stunning and absolute works of art, obviously meant to be passed down from generation to generation!

Claire Wensveen pottery - plates Claire Wensveen pottery - cream and sugar bowl and cup in seafoam Claire Wensveen pottery - pink and green patterned bowls Claire Wensveen pottery - aqua printed oil cruet Claire Wensveen pottery - platter and oil cruet Claire Wensveen pottery - air plant holder in aqua with black pattern