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Diary of a Shopgirl # 6

Kathleen Tennant Journals

I took some holidays a few weeks ago and as luck would have it, we managed to get in on a tour at the Gibson Guitar Factory in Memphis, Tennessee.  This hour and a half tour, while mostly for my hubby’s benefit (he’s the rocker – NOT me….), was a real eye-opener for me on the absolute art and care that goes into building hollow-body guitars.  My father was a carpenter and a high school wood-working teacher, so the smell of wood, sawdust and glue makes me tear-up anyways, evoking warm memories of  my Dad working away in his shop.  So already I’m sentimentally hooked.  I wasn’t prepared for the amount of WORK, CRAFTSMANSHIP, CARE, and DETAIL that goes into pumping out one hand-made guitar.  Consequentially I have a whole new appreciation for all the guitars cluttering my basement now.  Ever the decorator, I just want to hang them all up on our walls and make eye-pleasing ‘montages’ of them. (Hubby forbids this, as there are strict rules about the temperature he must keep these beauties at, so they are all stored away in their non-decorative black cases.)  So where am I going with this and how does it relate to my store?  It goes to prove the point that the more you know about something and its story, the more you appreciate it.  I have so much amazing pottery, glass and woodwork in my store, not to mention weaving, knitting and paintings…I wish everyone could spend five minutes with each of my artists and you would find out just how much of their soul goes into everything they craft.  Guaranteed you would never look at that humble coffee mug the same way again!


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