Little Cricket Gift Gallery

Easter Gifts

Judy Mountjoy bunny art

When it comes to Easter Gifts, anything that feels Spring will do!  But we especially love anything ‘bunny’!

Easter gifts Judy Mountjoy art - bunny
Bunny print on wood by Judy Mountjoy
Cagey Bee Locket - Ingrid and the bunny
Bunny locket by Cagey Bee
Bunny & Giraffe Stuffed Bunnies
Sock Bunnies by Bunny and Giraffe
Bronwyn Arundel pottery - bunny dishes
Bunny Dishes by Bronwyn Arundel.
D'arcy Margesson pottery - aqua bunny dishes
Bunny dishes by D’arcy Margesson
Pretty Pixy art - girl in bathtub with bunny
Bunny art by Pretty Pixy
Muriel Sibley pottery - bunny teapot
Bunny teapot by Muriel Sibley
Helen Stewart book - A garden's echo
Book by Helen Stewart
Raingoose Linen teatowel
Linen tea towel by Raingoose
Connie Paul Glass Beads - aqua heart
Aqua heart by Connie Paul
Helen Stewart author artist- Adult Colouring Book
Adult colouring book by Helen Stewart
Laura Stark Knitting - baby booties
Baby booties by Laura Stark
Bookas baby accessories - organic teething ring
Organic teething ring by Bookas
Bunny & Giraffe pillows - ladybug
Handmade pillow by Bunny & Giraffe
Laura Stark knitted hat
Knitted hat by Laura Stark
Floral Teapot by Linda Lebrun
Spring flowers teapot by Linda Lebrun
Andrea Lawrence handwoven scarves
Handwoven scarves by Andrea Lawrence