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Life imitates art…

April White card

….or is it art imitating life?  I spotted this card in my shop today as I was plumping and fluffing the merch…  It reminded me of a remarkable experience I had a couple weekends ago.  I was taking a water taxi across Howe Sound to Gambier Island with my family when my son spotted an orca whale – make that two – coming right towards our boat.  I’d been fortunate enough to see orcas from the ferry before, but nothing compared to seeing these beauties at eye-level from the deck of a small boat.  They literally travelled right beside us and carried on their way up the sound.  I was in awe of the size of their fins – they don’t look that big in the books!  This card by April White absolutely captured the beauty (and proximity) of that moment in time – up close and personal with two orcas in the wild.  Stunning….