Little Cricket Gift Gallery

Little Cricket Gift Gallery

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Little Cricket Store Front


I know you can get anything online now…really, why leave your house sometimes? And big box has everything you could possibly need or want, right?  Who wants to search for parking and make the extra stop?  You’re busy – I get it.  But consider this…


Little Cricket Gift Gallery


A store that smells and sounds as good as it looks, filled with inimitable treasures big and small. A store where the friendly staff know you by name, remember your last purchase and care about how your day is going. No line-ups, no price checks, no shipping fees. Just a beautiful environment, outstanding selection and good old-fashioned customer service. And with over 75% of the items crafted right here in BC, you always know you are supporting a local artist and small business with your purchase.  


That’s Little Cricket Gift Gallery,  and I think that’s worth making a stop for, don’t you?



Michelle Taylor - Little Cricket Owner  

I’ve enjoyed perusing sweet little gift shops, antique markets, craft fairs and the likes of Granville Island, Lonsdale Quay and Whistler Village my whole life.  After years of dreaming and searching for a place I could call my own, it was my good fortune and frankly, just plain good timing, that I should find the shop of my dreams right here in my own backyard of Maple Ridge.  My family and I have been customers of the Little Cricket Gift Gallery for years, and I forgot just how many treasured items in my home came from this wonderful little store until I bought it!  So after 14 years the keys to the castle were handed over to me to make of it what I could…


While I would never call myself an ‘artist’ nor am I an expert on ‘art’, I enjoy being creative, surrounding myself with creativity, and sharing my love of all things artsy with anyone who will appreciate it.  Continuing the legacy of ‘all Canadian, all the time’ makes me extremely proud of my business and all the wonderful art contained within its four walls.  I’m also proud of my amazing staff and the wonderfully talented artists who are taking this journey with me.   I look forward to sharing this sense of pride and  joy with you, my customers, each and every day!

Thank you for your continued support and thank you for Shopping Local!


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