Little Cricket Gift Gallery

Mother’s Day Gifts

Andrea Lawrence handwoven scarves

If you are looking for perfect Mother’s Day gifts look no further!  Whether your mom loves jewellery, pottery, original art, glassware or textiles, our artisans are always creating unique pieces to suit every taste and every age.

Mother's Day Gifts Crystalik jewellery - crystal solitaire rings
Rings by Crystalik.
Cedar Mountain poppy
Poppy art block by Cedar Mountain
Mother's Day Gift Aromacrystal therapy- Gardener's Dream mositurizer spray
Gardener’s Dream Cream by Aromacrystal Therapy
Mother's Day Gifts Blue Yarn Bowl by Tom Sproule
Yarn bowl by Tom Sproule
Mother's Day Gifts Waterslip Soapworks - assorted soaps
Assorted soaps by Waterslip Soapworks
Mother's Day Gifts - Dave Dobie pottery - salt fired bowls
Pottery by Dave Dobie
Mother's Day Gifts - Linda Lebrun pottery - ceramic flowers
Ceramic flowers by Linda Lebrun
Mother's Day Gifts Andrea Lawrence hand-wover scarves
Hand-woven scarves by Andrea Lawrence
Mother's Day Gifts Cornucopia Glass - humminbirds
Glass hummingbirds by Cornucopia Glass
Mother's Day Gifts Spirit of the West - white leather purse
Leather purse by Spirit of the West
Mother's Day Gift Ann Willsie original art - sunflower
Sunflower oil painting by Ann Willsie
Mother's Day Gifts Robert Parkes - glass paper weight
Blown glass paperweights by Robert Parkes