Little Cricket Gift Gallery

Saturday Art Breaks Continue through Summer

Sarah Hedin Weaving Workshop

OK, so I’ve been pretty bad at blogging this past year….my last posting was ‘Workshops coming to Little Cricket!’ last November.  Well they came, they were fun, and then they were over!  Phew…that was fast!   It’s been a busy year for me both personally and professionally, and I spent more time doing stuff than writing about stuff…and so it goes sometimes (I’m learning not to beat myself up over it).  But I did manage to take in almost all of the workshops for myself as well as sat in on some of the art journalling.  Liz’s sketch class was on my list too, but the darn class was always full!  When I started up the Workshops and Saturday Art Breaks in January of this year, they were basically an experiment for me – mostly I was looking for some company on those quiet winter weekends… Ha Ha!  Traditionally a quiet time for Little Cricket, I wanted to breathe some creative life into the shop on the gloomy winter weekends, and boy were we successful!  Some doubted I’d have enough space…some doubted if people would come….but there was and they did.    We got busy, we got creative and we had fun!  Wonderful instructors shared their skills and inspirations, beautiful things were made, a little wine was enjoyed, and it was a completely wonderful experience for the Cricket.  So while we are working on some more workshops to be announced hopefully soon, we are continuing with our Saturday Art Breaks over the summer and hope you will join us.  Please call the shop to register and save your seat.  

And if you are a creative type, who has experience teaching a creative skill, give me a call!  I’m always looking for new ideas and new ways to share art-making with our community.  Have a great summer everyone, and don’t forget to set aside some creative time for yourself!