Little Cricket Gift Gallery

Spring is officially here!

Janis Eaglesham original art - "Nestlings"

I know, I know….I keep mentioning Spring…but I’m so darned READY for it!  Spring Break with the kids is almost over so I’m back from holidays, I’m putting away the heater in the shop, and putting out anything pastel-coloured I can find!  And it would seem my customers are ready for Spring too.  They are slowly coming out of the post-Christmas hibernation, starting to look for gifts again; retirement, birthday, baby…My spring orders are beginning to roll in, so every day there seems to be a new package on our doorstep.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll be posting our new arrivals, so stay tuned for new ideas and a fresh look in our store.  And get out and enjoy the weather when you can. Did I mention how much I  love SPRING!?!?


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