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Christmas in September

Little Cricket Ornament

I love the fall.  I love, love, love it….but every year it seems I just get to that wonderful time of the year when the kids head back to school, life returns to a sense of ‘normalcy’ and laundry starts to get done again on a semi-regular schedule, the evenings are cooler and the days crisper.   Then I go to work and face mounds of catalogues and order forms and I have to start thinking about Christmas orders…..Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to browse the websites and thumb through the catalogues, but I kinda miss the slow, easy going days of fall and instead feel the angst of placing orders for a season I am not mentally prepared for.  But such is retail.  Always living ‘out of season’ and never in ‘the now’.  This makes it even more important to me to not rush through the seasons in my home life.  You won’t see Christmas decor up until December and I’m going to spend my next couple weeks at home focusing on the taste of my mom’s pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.