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Diary of a Shopgirl #7

Diary of a Shopgirl

When you own a shop spring cleaning is not just something you do in your home.  The store demands your attention as well.  Sunnier days means suddenly the dust in the jewellery cabinet is very APPARENT (isn’t the whole purpose of a jewellery cabinet to keep the dust out?  How does it get past the lock and key???).  Suddenly the windows don’t look so clean either…  I love the sun, but man, does it ever show all the places you missed when you packed up from Christmas and counted your inventory.  I am the last person that enjoys cleaning (house or otherwise) but there is something satisfying about clearing out the clutter and making things fresh again.  It’s a bit of an on-going battle, but the Cricket is feeling fresh and springy and that feels GOOD.  Remember Finding Nemo and Flo’s joy in the fact that “the sun is shining and the tank is clean”?   That’s me on a clean-window day!