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Garibaldi Art Club coming to the Cricket

Garibaldi Art Club Exhibit

For the third year, we are hosting the talents of five artists from the Garibaldi Art Club, displaying some of their paintings for the month of April.  Artists are asked to submit images of the work they plan to exhibit so I can get a sneak preview and plan the exhibit.  My first one showed up today from Ulla Supelov.  Her beautiful bouquet of purple tulips (probably my favourite flower) made me smile on this dreary, cold, snowy Wednesday…It reminded me of how important art is in this northern climate we live in, when flowers are nowhere to be found, mountain views are hidden behind clouds, and frankly, it’s just too cold to go for a walk along the beach…art provides the beauty and the ‘view’ we all need once in awhile to transport us to our happy place.  Thanks for the smile today Ulla!